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30 Years Raising Shiba Inu Puppies with Love


**We will have 2 litters available in June 2019**

Are you thinking about buying a Shiba Inu puppy? Then you're in the right place. Whispering Pines has lovingly raised pure bred dogs for over 30 years.  We're an accredited breeder of AKC registered pups.


We are NOT a Pet Store. Here's Why that Matters:


Girl with Shiba Inu PuppyOur puppies are easier to housebreak. Our pups have been exposed to different settings, both indoors and outdoors. Unlike most pet stores, we can tell you exactly who your pup's parents were.


Most important, we are located on 10 acres (almost eight square miles) of rural land. That means you can have peace of mind knowing that your new friend was raised with care, and not in some puppy mill or tiny backyard cage.


Our pups are born in our air-conditioned dog room, and remain there until they are about 5 to 6 weeks old.  At that age, they begin spending time outdoors in a grassy area. 


The puppies spend their days in an outside area with access to a covered building, and they spend their nights indoors. We have grandchildren who regularly come over to play with the puppies (keeps them active and happy).


Why a Shiba Inu is a Great Pet:

  • They make loving companions

  • Walking them means you get in better shape!

  • Walking them can help you meet new friends

  • Children can learn great life skills caring for a dog

So that you get a beautiful puppy from a caring registered breeder, call us today at 318-466-5262 for more info.  You can also email us at

Our Shiba Inu puppies are priced at $1500.00 for full registration plus shipping. We pay for all shots your puppy needs before shipping. Customers are responsible for shipping costs. A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy. Click Here to make a payment or for more details on average shipping costs.



** Sugar and Rocky's puppies are due June 2019 **
** Honey and Rocky's puppies are due June 2019 **

** September 2017 **

two playful puppies

shiba inu puppy

sweet face shiba inu puppy

** Previous Years Puppies**


shiba inu puppy at the waterfall

litter of shiba inus

Facts about Shiba Inu Puppies


The Shiba was originally developed as a hunting dog in Japan's mountain areas, and was the smallest of native Japanese dog breeds.  Shibas make an excellent watchdog and great companion.


Shibas should be brushed regularly and bathed only when necessary, as they have a naturally water-proof coat. They need plenty of exercise such as daily walks or plenty of space to run.


Shiba Inus are very intelligent, and may become easily bored.  For this reason, you should walk them daily, or give them things to do that will keep them occupied.


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We offer Shiba Inu puppies for sale in red black sesame white black salt and pepper and tan colors for - buy online or call us.

A Shiba Inu Puppy may be shipped by air to California New York (NYC) Georgia Florida Texas Virginia Illinois & MIchigan.

Puppies may also be sent to New Jersey Arizona Massachusetts Indiana Missouri Minnesota Colorado Connecticut & Nevada.

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